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Detention Security Services Division
Detention Security Services Division (DSSD) As a Division of Starside Security & Investigation, Inc, the mission of the Detention Security Services Division is to protect the public by securely transporting and guarding detained individuals who have been arrested and accused of committing various offenses. Starside receives detainees from a number of Federal Agencies (like the United States Marshals Service, DHS / ICE Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), DEA, FBI and the IRS) and State and Local prison and transports them to the hospital and medical and dental appointments, transports them to court and interagency and facility transfers and from various points of entry (Borders). Starside also guards the detainees at the hospital or medical facility during hospital stays and during medical and dental appointments.  Starside safely and efficiently transports anywhere from 1 Detainee to a Medical Appointment to 38 Detainees from hundreds of miles away to appear or return from court.

Starside Security uses a fleet of unmarked Ford Crown Victoria, Dodge Chargers,  Wheelchair accessible Vans for inmates, prisoners or detainees confined to wheelchairs Nissan NV 3500 10 Passenger vehicles with segregation cages and a 38 Passenger Detention Bus with 7 segregation Cages. Starside’s Detention Security Services Division’s mission is to ethically and legally provide a secure, sanitary and safe hospital stay and transportation services for pre-trial incarceration in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible, while ensuring inmates receive humane, respectful and professional treatment from Starside personnel. Detention administration assures continued oversight and compliance with standards set forth by Federal, State and Local Jail Standards, while providing realistic career development, strategic planning, training and safety for management and staff personnel.

DSSD initiatives include but are not limited to:
• Adherence to directives of handling inmates and Detainees applicable State and Federal Laws and standards.
• Cooperation with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement and to provide efficient coordination and use of resources.
• Provide support services from time to time to law enforcement agencies to assist them in their service to the community.
• Effective management, with each major account having a project manager available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Maintenance of highest standards of ethics and training including continuing education.
• Provide all other related Hospital Escort and Transportation services as may be necessary to carry out the client’s mission and to serve the citizens of the various communities, state and local agencies Starside handles

All DSSD Officers must have a minimum of 3 years handling detainees or prisoners within the previous 5 years, and have a State Issued Guard Card and State Issued firearms permit.