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Background Checks

Background Investigations (Pre-Employment Screenings) that are performed by a professional background company like Starside Security & Investigation provide insight in an individuals past that otherwise may never be known. Backgrounds (Pre-employment Screenings) performed by your staff or by non professional companies can harm your business. Starside's background screening for derogatory remarks begins at the local level and is conducted through federal records. Starside Security & Investigation can help you protect yourself and your company in today's corporate environment. Pre-Employment Investigations (Backgrounds) empower the employer that make informed decisions about who the are hiring, minimizing both business risk while maximizing efficiency and overall return of investment.

Take a look at the following statistics:

  • An estimated 30% of job applicants submit inaccurate or incomplete resume.
  • An estimated 10% of the American workforce use dangerous drugs while in the workplace
  • 1000's of workers file fraudulent worker's compensation claims each year.

Starside Security offers industry leading pre-employment background screening. Our services include:

  • Subject and asset location gathering
  • Applicant/Employee interviewing
  • Background Verification
  • Previous employer verification
  • Photographic evidence gathering
  • Civil record analysis
  • Criminal record analysis
  • Ability to work in the US
  • Surveillance

In today's day and age more people are taking a second look at who it is they are letting into their daily lives. Don't let you and your company's safety be at risk.

Don't let someone fool you about their Background, Have Starside Security run their Background (Pre-employment Check) and you will know exactly who you are inviting into your business.  Many potential employees lie about their Background, have Starside Security & investigation, Inc investigate before you hire them instead of after you hire them, when the damage is already done.

How do I order a Background?  What is on my Background?  Can I get my Background?  Call Starside Security & Investigation, Inc (888) 4 Starside (888) 478-2774. 

Experience you can Trust, Trust you can Experience