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Arizona Background Check


Arizona Background Check $ 45.00
Criminal Records (California, Nevada & Arizona)  
  Superior / Municipal  
  All Available Arizona Counties
   All Available Arizona Counties
Civil Records (Arizona, California & Nevada)
SSN Verification Real Property (Nationwide Available)
Bankruptcies, Tax Liens & Judgements Arizona Professional Licenses
Address Verification (Possible Relatives, Neighbors) Arizona Corporations (Fictitious Businesses)     
Company Identification Cards Issued $ 5.00*

* Minimum 25 employees (or $ 150 Fee)
Proxy Card option available, Magnetic Stripe, Bar Coding

Employee Background & Identification Card Issue $47.50

Complete Arizona Background as above
Company Identification Card Issued
Reports issued to management with Pictures of all employees
Reports for Security Officers & Investigators for employee identification
Employee Database maintained Background re-performed annually
Finger Printing (Maintained at Starside’s Phoenix Office) 

Investigative Rates (Arizona)   AZ 1595248
4 Hr per Month Retainer
8 Hr per Month Retainer
Hourly Investigation Mr. Coventry
Hourly Investigation Mr. Schleifer
Interview (4 Hr Investigation)
$ 75.00