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Starside is a licensed training facility (CA TFF 1279), and has its own proprietary Basic Security Training Program. This program is taught by instructors that actually work in the field, they are all licensed instructors and all courses are approved by either the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS) and Police Officers Standards of Training (POST).

All courses include, video, demonstration and practical application all Security Officer Trainees must pass a written examination on all classes with a minimum score of 85 %. If a Security Officer Candidate does not pass the course, they can retake the course and must get a 100 % to pass any retest; if they fail again they cannot be considered for a position with Starside Security & Investigation, Inc. Starside maintains a database of everyone that has applied for a position of trust and will check to see if a new applicant was refused employment previously.

Mr John Lee is Starside’s head of training; he leads an impressive cadre of security professionals and experts in various disciplines related to security, protection and investigation. All of our trainers are on staffs as full time employees or as part-time employee that are highly motivated and very experienced in the security field. These include but are not limited to: 

Defensive Tactics High Risk Vehicle Movements
First Aid / CPR Firearms
Explosive Detection Counter Surveillance

These instructors in addition to instructing Starside personnel have instructed U.S. Marine Corp personnel going to Iraq or Afghanistan, Protective Details of Foreign Governments heads of State, U.S. Law Enforcement Personnel.

All Starside Security Officers attend a Basic Training Course that consists of the following: 

Officer Safety Uniform Appearance Command Presence
Verbal Judo Liability & Legal Aspects Homeland Security
Patrol Rounds (Procedures) Customer Service Post Orders & Assignments
Escalation & De-escalation of Force Force Continuum Report Writing
Observtion and Documentation Access Control Handling Difficult People
Communication and it's importance Crowd Control Sexual Harrassment Awareness
Introduction to Locksmithing Bag Check Procedures Property Passes
Weapond of Mass Destruction Violence Assessment Situational Awareness
Pat Down Procedures Weapon Detection Handheld Wand (Magnetometer)

Starside Security works with the client to assure all personnel meet or exceed the Training requirements as required by the client. This will include but is not limited to adding or subtracting currently approved training courses of Starside Security.