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Corporate Crime Investigations, (White Collar Crimes):

Private investigators have become an integral safeguard of theft for corporations. Starside’s scope of investigations through the years has increased to range from intellectual property theft, employee theft, investment fraud, cyber security, workman’s comp. fraud, various white collar crime investigations in essentially every sector of the economy, and investigations within the food and health industries to name a few of our areas of expertise.

Starside Security & Investigation, Inc. performs White Collar Crime Investigations and Corporate Investigations for multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies and the small business community. We have decades of combined experience supporting law firms throughout litigation. Starside has Certified Fraud Examiners, Former Federal White Collar Crimes Investigators, CPA’s, Civil Engineers, investment experts, cyber security experts and corporate managers on staff to handle even the most complex White Collar Crime cases and all aspects of Corporate Investigations.

Starside uses a mix of good old investigative methods, leg work and modern computer investigative techniques to tackle all of our investigations. The techniques our investigators have picked up in their particular profession, in law enforcement or working as Human Resource executives make our services unique and versatile.  Starside has the depth and knowledge base to communicate effectively with all levels of management and high level executives.  Starside has the ability to work with and for Corporate Counsel, the CEO or at the instruction of the Board of Directors. Starside, unlike law enforcement, is not limited by budget constraints, higher priority crimes, man power issues or political motivations.

Law Enforcement is NOT as versed as Starside in the potential damage or how negative publicity and the damage prosecution can have on a multinational corporation.  All results of the investigation is turned over to the corporation, your CEO or Board of Directors decide if the situation warrants involvement of the District Attorney’s Office or the Attorney Generals’ Office, a complete detailed package for prosecution will be given to the Board of Directors or Corporate Counsel.

Types of Corporate Crimes:

Copyright Infringement, Corporate Malfeasance , Embezzlement, Extortion, Health Care Fraud, Identity Theft- Here are some basic Identity Theft Protection Tips, Intellectual Property Theft (Branding / Counterfeit Merchandise, Investment Fraud (Ponzi Schemes), Insurance Fraud, Larceny/Theft

These are just a few types of corporate crime cases that Starside Security & Investigation, Inc. investigates.