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Retail Security and Employee Theft Investigation
Starside Security & Investigation, Inc. (Starside) is your judicious choice to safeguard your company’s assets and personnel. With the volatile state of the economy and unpredictability of individuals in today’s society, the need for proficient and highly trained individuals to protect your clients and their company is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. We are a full-service corporation that provides investigative excellence, unarmed/armed security guard service and patrols, employee background screening services, executive protection, building access controls, ID cards and locksmithing.
Our number one priority is you sensing Starside’s confident presence and knowing your clients are secure and have all relevant information at their disposal. With over 25 years of performing security and investigative services for the government, financial institutions, private sector facilities and high-profile individuals, Starside has proven to be the pinnacle of cost-effectiveness, integrity and experience to undergo any specific requirements your company may need to secure products and personnel.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.  In 2011, U.S. retailers lost a total of $34.5 billion in “shrink” – or inventory lost as a result of employee theft, shoplifting, administrative error or vendor fraud – according to the National Retail Security Survey. Of that, 44% was a result of internal theft; only 36% was a result of shoplifting.  The costliest and simplest mistake to correct is when companies do not properly screen their employees. Starside’s background employment screening is a necessary theft prevention tool for your company. Although it will not guarantee an employee will not steal, a background check will certainly reduce the risks and liability of a bad hire. Also, having a security guard will be a preventive action to take to dissuade theives from your retail store.  Starside has worked with large retail chains as security providers for over 20 years
According to the National Retail Federation, 96% of the 125 companies surveyed stated they have been a victim of Organized Retail Crime (ORC). Organized retail crime has grown into a business worth tens of billions of dollars.  It is not only criminals stealing products from within the store but organized gangs stealing the products during the distribution process. Approximately 16% of goods stolen are from the loading docks.  A deterrent for ORC is having Starside’s guards at your store fronts and at your distribution centers. 
Starside has Certified Fraud Examiners, civil engineers, investment experts, CPA’s, cyber security experts and an array of ex-law enforcement and military professionals with decades of experience in all facets of American and international industries available in a moment’s notice. We are available on your behalf on either short notice for personal/corporate security purposes or to create a full service investigation all the way through litigation support on any form of incident in the workplace or personally for a client. Whether it is a hostile workplace situation, threat of violence or theft, Starside is familiar to smartly assimilating to virtually any situation.   Starside would like to provide you or your client a thorough security risk assessment and/or investigation consultation via telephone or video conference at no cost to you or your client.
The staff at Starside looks forward to assessing your business’ requirements and commencing a long standing working relationship. Please contact our office at 909-396-9999 at your convenience if we can provide any further information