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Starside Security & Investigation, Inc conducts Criminal Investigations for some of the nation’s top attorneys. Starside has been performing Criminal Investigations since 1987. All of Starside's Criminal Investigators have years of felony investigative experience and most have been in Federal, State, or Local Law Enforcement. Criminal Investigators are a different type of investigator, they start as soon as the client hires Starside asking for any and all reports from law enforcement, then they perform the most important function, they canvas the area looking for witnesses. Starside will work with the attorney to investigate fully and prepare the defendant for trial. Starside will prepare a case much in the same was a District Attorney's Investigator would handling witness interviews, finding expert witnesses and interview the victim or member of the victims family if the victim is deceased.

Starside Security & Investigation, Inc perform investigative services for the legal, corporate & private sector by combining analytical, technical, and problem solving skills, we provide innovative and comprehensive crime prevention. Starside has Investigative personnel that have decades of investigating felony cases including Habeas Corpus cases and death penalty cases.

Our Investigators are trained in all forms of criminal investigations, from on-site covert criminal investigations to detailed criminal history investigations. Starside uses the latest forensic techniques advanced skills, Surveillance techniques, and the latest in advanced technology, our special agents can provide the best investigative services in the industry. Starside has an distinct advantage in that we have worked both sides of cases, we have worked for the prosecution and the defense in all types of criminal cases.

Starside's COO Robert Coventry is a member of the Defense Investigators Association and has attended multiple seminars on Homicide Investigations, gangs, and elder abuse. He can be reached at Starside's Corporate Headquarters (310) 417-9999 or via email at rcoventry@starside.com