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Due Diligence

Make sure you know who it is you are doing business with, work with or may even be living with. In today's day and age more people are taking a second look at who it is they are letting into their daily lives. We handle all types of civil investigations, from advanced personal surveillance to civil record investigations. With an extensive history in civil due diligence investigations, we can obtain various private documents including civil records, criminal records, insurance claims, employment history, financial history, and a wide-array of personal records.

Investigative or information requests can be for numerous reasons, for example; litigation support, internal undercover investigations, mystery shopping, witness statements & location services, service of process, surveillance, identity theft, insurance investigations, civil & criminal investigations, photographic evidence, traffic accident investigations, or obtaining civil and criminal records.

All of our investigators are special trained, fully insured, and proud of our excellent service history. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients both past and present. We know that a good business is built on a foundation of good services, and we offer nothing less than the best.

Starside and National Consulting & Security Services, Inc. seeks or obtains information about:

(a) crimes, offences, contraventions, or misconduct, or allegations of crimes, offences, contraventions
or misconduct;

(b) the activities, character or repute of a person or organization;

(c) the whereabouts of a person;

(d) the location, disposition or recovery of lost, stolen or missing property;

(e) the cause of or the responsibility of any fire, accident or incident in which damage to property or
injury to any person has occurred