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Re Key Service
Starside's Locksmith Division offers Rekeying Service for your home and your business. 

Residential Rekeying:

How many people have a key to your home, a former nanny, a former housekeeper a former friend an acquaintance.  When is the last time you changed your locks (or keys) or do you need to updated to a high security lock.  Too often people have a $ 15 lock protecting their biggest investment their home.

Commercial Rekeying:

How many former employees have keys to your business?
When was the last time you changed the locks at your business?
Is the lock protecting your valuables secure? 
Did you buy a lock at a large home improvement store? 
Do you need a high security lock?

If you need to better protect your valuables and your family at home or at your business call Starside today.  Starside has the most professional security and locksmiths in the industry, call Starside at (888) 4 Starside (888) 478-2774 or via email locksmith@starside.com

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