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Security Services are needed with todays ever-growing crime rate and budget restraints which leave law enforcement unable to provide adequate protective services. Private protection is the only alternative in providing a professional uniformed presence, which will deter crime. 
Here are just a few of the points that assure Starside's services are effective, safe and legal.
  • Starside's Management and Executive Staff are actively involved in the supervision and operation of the uniformed guard department and with all of Starside Security Services.
  • All of our employees go through a Government level Background Check prior to being assigned to a client location/  Starside's background procedure starts with E-Verify, and checks all civil and criminal records for all counties they have resided in since they were 18 years old.  Starside also verifies the applicant is not on the Terrorist Watch and Banded Person's list.  All applicants must be free of any convictions or Felony arrests, and must be bondable.  All patrol officers and armed personnel are given a physiological test to assure they are fit to carry a firearm in the performance of their duties.
  • All Starside employees must be a High School Graduate and eligible for a Government Clearance to work in the Security Services field for Starside..
  • All standing officers are audited by our patrol officers at least once per shift. All of our patrol officers have graduated from a police academy and are thoroughly trained and supervised.
  • Starside is dedicated to giving our clients the most professional and courteous security officers available