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Starside Alarm Response Service

For over twenty-five years, Starside has been providing nationwide alarm response service to both small and large businesses.


Our 24 hour dispatch will alert a Starside patrol officer in a marked vehicle to respond to your property immediately, when contacted by your alarm company. Starside's vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices and all patrol officers utilize a company issued cell phone allowing for prompt communication.


 A thorough check of your property will be completed by a Starside patrol officer trained in alarm response tactics.  Our officers will exit the vehicle and perfrpom a detailed walk of the property, we will spend more time on your property than law enforcement is allowed due to budget and higher priority calls. 


Our patrol officers will look for signs of suspicious activity, or vandalism, complete a perimeter check of the property and contact local law enforcement if needed.  A detailed report of your property will be completed at the time of the alarm response and communicated according to client protocols.


Starside has responded to thousands of alarms and has long term clients that utilize our alarm response service. One case in point is a national financial institution. They contact Starside for alarm response service first, rather than law enforcement. Since Starside has provided the service, we are proud to report our client has not suffered an ATM loss. Starside's alarm response service is not only a deterrent but is cost effective for your organization as many municipalities charge a fine for responding to false alarms. Contact a Starside representative today at (909) 396-9999 or complete the interest form on our website.