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Celebrity Bodyguard and Film Set Security

Any celebrity as well as their security team knows in Los Angeles, New York City and around the world that paparazzi, fans and mentally ill stalkers are a severe threat. Starside Security & Investigation, Inc. has been judiciously minimizing the threat and controlling risk for celebrities and influential figures across the country for over 25 years.  Our bodyguards are fluent in dynamic protection tactics whether it is on foot or by vehicle. We know that many times the worst threats of danger by paparazzi are while driving.  Paparazzi are not only a danger to celebrities but more importantly to their families.  We are professional and trained to be invisible to the client but the general public knows we are there protecting the Celebrity.  Every single bodyguard on our staff has been vetted by our government level background checks, a rigorous training program that accentuates pacifying and assessing situations on site, defense strategies and evasive/protective driving. For our high priority clients, we will only offer off-duty officers, federal agents and military personnel.  You will not find any higher quality source of protection then Starside Security.
Starside Security also offers film set security, usually in conjunction with our professional bodyguards for celebrities on movie and television studio lots, sound stages, and on location. Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry. Starside Security will provide professional, experienced bodyguards to meet your needs or the requirements of your clients. We can designate agents for a specific celebrity or as an entire cast and crew. We customize our detail to your specific needs. Starside Security provides armed, plain clothes security staff (bodyguards) un-armed plain clothes bodyguards, uniformed guards (armed or unarmed), undercover surveillance teams for dangerous threat assessment, armed and uniformed security staff, and event security for film sets, television and movie studio lots, music studios, concert venues, theaters and premiers of movies, live endorsement events, and any event that could require the deployment of armed bodyguards. Starside’s bodyguards are on call 24/7 for our VIP clients.
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