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Executive Protection: Starside Security's armed and unarmed bodyguards offer elite protective services for clients who seek elite protective measures, these services are aimed at protecting political figures, athletes, celebrities, CEO's, business leaders, senior management, or anyone who requires additional protection.

All of Starside's Protective Agents are hand-picked and trained by our elite services program. Starside is licensed in California, Arizona, Oregon and Florida and holds a Training Facility Firearms License (TFF 1279) in California.  All agents are trained in-house as well as by outside agencies. If an agent is outside of California they must attend a course at Starside's Corporate Headquarters in Diamond Bar, CA (Los Angeles County) or at one of Starside's regional offices in Boulder, CO, Phoenix, AZ or Orlando, Fl prior to being assigned to one of Starside's Protective Clients.  Agents are selected based on their professional experience, professional appearance, exemplary skills, and ability to adapt to changing environments.  All Agents must be a recent graduate of an approved executive protection school, Starside currently hires from 3 schools across the nation.

Each agent must possess a number of special skills including: communication skills, defensive skills (unarmed defensive skills), observational skills, assessment skills, and proper judgment skills. In addition to protective measures, our agents are educated in a variety of subjects including advance work, resource surveys, country studies, emergency medical procedures (Starside always has an EMT or a Paramedic on out of country assignments), driving techniques, matters of social etiquette and cultural diversity. This training enables our personnel to blend into a client's environment and remain as unobtrusive and inconspicuous as possible.

One of our Detail Leaders and a member of Starside's Executive staff will meet with you (and your family, manager, or handler if a residential assignment) to discuss your unique protective needs. Using our considerable expertise in the field of security and protection, we will provide a comprehensive security solution in accordance with your specific circumstances.

We can provide security surveys and risk assessments of your situation. This will include a detailed threat analysis, consultation and of course our comprehensive security solutions. Our personal protection service is both professional and discrete.
For more information on Starside's Executive Protection Services please call Starside's Executive Team at (310) 417-9999 or email rcoventry@starside.com