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Government Security Officers (GSO)
Starside has provided Government Security Officers and has a proven track record of performance and providing quality security, protective and investigative services at Government and Corporate locations throughout the nation since 1991. Starside is on the Federal Supply Schedule (GS 07F-9400S) and on the GSA (General Services Administration). Of the tens of thousands of security companies in the United States, only approximately 95 are on the GSA FSS.  Starside Security & Investigation has gained invaluable experience working at Government Facilities such as Parker Dam (California / Arizona Border) from 2004 -- 2014 and at Millennium Space Systems (Top Secret Officers), The Federal Aviation Administration (John Wayne Airport Tower), International Boundary Water Commission (Nogales, AZ) and The United States Marshals Service, FBI, DEA and Homeland Security & INvestigation (ICE). This experience protecting Government Facilities and the staff working there and visitors makes Starside a great choice for any Government Facility

Starside is a Small Minority Woman Owned Business that has been entrusted to protect high value targets and personnel over the years. Starside’s Corporate Headquarters is located in Diamond Bar, California (Los Angeles County) and California offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and regional offices in Boulder, Colorado / Phoenix, Arizona / Orlando, Florida / Chicago, Illinois and New York New York. 
General Services Administration- Government Security Officers