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Guards: Starside Security & Investigation’s Standing Guard Services provide:
  • Uniformed (Armed & Unarmed) guards conducting foot patrols are in direct communication with our dispatch facility or a supervisor on duty.
  • Immediate intervention and notification of proper authorities during emergency situations.
  • Securing, Locking and Unlocking of the facilities and doors or gates as needed.
  • Private property parking control and enforcement, which includes issuing Parking Citations and Conducting Tows.
  • Starside Security & Investigation’s Patrol Services provide: Highly visible, marked Patrol vehicles that will conduct random patrols of your property.
  • Use of Patrol Vehicle, using light bar and spotlight to illuminate dark areas that provide concealment for intruders, or, Use of a Bike to patrol the area.
  • Patrol Officers remain on-site for a minimum of fifteen minutes per Patrol Hit. 
LA Security Guard Service | Armed and Unarmed Guard |
Combination of Services (Standing and Patrol) provides:
  • Starside Security & Investigation provides both services; security patrol and standing guards. We do not sub-contract our work. Starside has both Armed and Unarmed Uniformed Security Officers.  This ensures that our guards have instant communication with our Dispatchers and Roming Supervisors via Radios.
  • Continuous communication between Armed and Unarmed Guards and Supervisors gives our standing Guards immediate assistance should a problem arise.  Our guard services are offered NATIONWIDE.
More about our Officers
Starside Security & Investigation’s Patrol Officers are all State Licensed Armed Security Officers. They complete induction training which includes the following subjects; use of force, use of deadly force and firearms, use of baton, use of chemical agents, legal aspects of security service, customer service, patrol procedures, report writing, radio procedure and public relations. All of our in-house training is in addition to state required training classes and licensing which applicants must have completed prior to being hired.  Starside is a licensed Firearms training facility (CA TFF 1279) and has all Armed Guards qualify with the Firearm they will be carrying in the field. All Firearms are owned by Starside Security & Investigation and issued to Armed Officers.  All Armed Officers must qualify at least twice a year or they will no longer be an Armed Guard for Starside.