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Starside Security & Investigation, Inc offers Lobby Ambassadors (Armed and Unarmed premium Security Officers) to corporate clients and highrise locations where a more professional attired Armed or Unarmed Security Officer is required.  Lobby Ambassadors wear a Starside Corporate Blazer, Slacks and a Tie. Lobby Ambassadors are typically better Trained than Uniformed Security Officers and are typically deployed at Corporate Headquarters, Law Offices and Professional Buildings. Starside has Armed Off Duty Police Officers attired in Corporate Blazers to provide the utmost in protection.  The Lobby Ambassadors are supervised by a Post Commander at the location that is directly accountable for the training and adherence to the Post Orders. Post Commanders often work during the Day shift to make sure while your business is open and excepting visitors the best possible image is portrayed.  Off-Duty Police Officers are often assigned as Lobby Ambassadors when a workplace violence issue occurs.  We replace the Lobby Ambassadors with highly trained Armed plain clothed Off-duty Police Officers.

Lobby Ambassadors are trained in the Starside Security Officer Training Program and the following Additional Areas:

Evacuation Procedures
Visitor Screening
CCTV Monitoring
High Rise Risk
Basic Computer Skills
First Aid
Terrorist Organizations
Bag Check
Equipment (Property) Passes
Back Pack Bomber Detection
Suspicious Package Handling
AED use (Billed to Client) 

Starside has it own Firearms Training Facility (TFF 1279) and trains all armed and unarmed guards that are assigned to client locations.