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Starside Security & Investigation, Inc. offers patrol services either in marked patrol vehicles or unmarked plain white vehicles.  Starside's patrol is perfomed by former military and former law enforcement officers.  All of Starside's patrol officers have graduated a police academy and are trained better than standing security officers.  Patrol Officers are Starside's first line Supervisors, which perform a post check on every stationary security account Starside has. These Officers also respond to client alarm calls and for emergency coverage should a client have an urgent need. Starside Patrol Officers respond to thousands of Alarm activations at major corporations, banks and ATM’s annually.  Starside's patrol services span NATIONWIDE.

Starside has agreements with major corporations to have Security Officers on location within four hours nationwide and twenty four hours internationally, often Starside has Security Professionals on location with a couple of hours. These officers fill in if a standing guard calls off or is on vacation.

Starside’s Patrol Officers visit each location that Starside has a Standing (Stationary) Uniformed Officer. Each visit to a location generates an evaluation and each evaluation is logged in a database and the Officers at the location are inspected much like a military inspection. All post checks are logged in a database and these evaluations are what management uses to give Security Officers merit increases and for advancement within Starside.

Patrol Officers are trained in the Security Officer Training Program and the following Additional Areas: 

Driver Safety                     Rules of the Road                  State Vehicle Codes
Evasive Driving                  Intro Executive Driving          Advanced Violence Prevention
Interviewing Techniques     Scene Preservation (Intrmdt)   Patrol Procedures
Alarm Response                 Sexual Harassment Awareness Use of Force Continuum 

 Services Patrol Officers perform during patrol hits:

  • Enforcement of trespassing, loitering and curfew violations.
  • Site searches for prowlers and suspicious activity (use of spot light illumination and foot patrol).
  • Issuance of parking violation notices.
  • Towing of vehicles (AZ, FL and CA in compliance with 22658(a) & 22658.2 of the Vehicle Code).
  • Navtrak: All of Starside's Patrol vehicles are equipped with Navtrac. Among the newest technologies, Navtrak enables Starside to track our Patrol vehicles on and off your property, and the Security as a customer of knowing that your needs are being met in the most efficient (and least costly) way. Navtrak makes sure information is accurate and verifiable.

 Combination of Services (Standing and Patrol) provides:

Starside Security & Investigation, Inc provides both services, unlike many Patrol Companies which sub-contract to Guard Companies for standing Guards, this ensures that our guards have instant communication with our Dispatchers and Roving Supervisors via Cellular Phone and radios.

Continuous communication between Guards and Supervisors gives our standing Guards immediate assistance should a problem arise.