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Starside provides Armed Plain Clothed Robbery Suppression Officers (RSO) to Financial Institutions Nationwide. Starside deploys teams to cover the bank and to provides immediate backup should an incident occur, having another RSO also provides witnesses for criminal proceedings. Starside’ RSO’s are specially trained officers that have all graduated from a police academy and have worked on the streets as Police Officers on Patrol many responding to robberies after the fact. Starside seeks out the best RSO’s in the industry many serving on specialized units such as robbery, homicide, SWAT and intelligence units. All Starside’s Robbery Suppression Officers are trained by a recently retired Vice President of Security for a Major Financial Institution on the operation of a bank. Starside’s Operations Staff have attended bank related training to help get a better understanding of how a bank operates and what is normal best practices in the branch, vault or at call centers or mortgage centers. Starside’s CEO and Senior Management has attended Teller Training, Advanced Teller Training and New Accounts taught by the financial institutes it services.

Starside has worked with local and national banks and has consulted with smaller Financial Institutions on Branch Design, Bandit Barriers, Man Traps, CCTV, Alarms, Bait, Dye Packs and Electronic Tracking Devices. Starside maintains a database of Bank Robberies in areas adjacent to client locations and provides intelligence to bank security personnel on various security procedures.

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