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Workplace Violence
Starside Security & Investigations’ approach to Workplace Violence is a reliable systematic approach. Unlike Starside, many security companies do not perform the proper due diligence needed within their own workforce; hiring unqualified and at times employees with derogatory criminal records.  However, Starside provides a highly trained and reputable Workplace Violence Specialist dressed in plainclothes that will assimilate with your workforce. Many of our specialists are formal law enforcement personnel.  Our focus for your business is to not cause further unwarranted attention to customers or your employees.   Starside has successfully protected companies in various industries from multinational Fortune 500 companies to a three person company. Starside, in addition to providing security and protection, will work with you to identify a solution to the problem not just a short-term response.  
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Starside works with the nation’s top employment law firm in California. Starside consults with firms nationwide. We provide off- duty officers and uniformed Protection professionals for many of their clients.  Starside’s Chief Operations Officer Robert Coventry, CPP has consulted with clients on more than 200 workplace violence situations including mass layoffs, hostile terminations and employee threats of violence.  Starside has helped corporate clients obtain the evidence needed for TRO’s (Temporary Restraining Order) and Permanent Stay away orders. In 2011, 458 workplace homicides occurred. 458 lives could have been saved with proper protection and quick action towards the aggressors. The average annual rate of Workplace Violence between 2005 and 2009 was 5 violent crimes per 1,000 employed persons age 16 or older according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • The Workplace Violence Research Institute estimated costs of workplace violence to U.S. businesses at $36 billion per year.
  • These costs include medical and psychiatric care, lost business and productivity, repairs and clean up, higher insurance rates, increased security costs, and worst of all, the loss of valued employees.
  •  In addition to these financial burdens, business owners are increasingly being held liable for not making the workplace safe for employees and customers. Possible areas of litigation that should concern employers include civil actions for negligent hiring workers compensation claims, third-party claims for damages, invasion of privacy actions, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violation charges.

Through strategic partnerships we have gained and cooperation with associations, there are no problems that cannot be addressed and resolved. Partnering with our clients for a safe and productive work atmosphere is in the best interest of all concerned.  Starside has protected clients from workplace threats in almost every state.

Your employees are entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. In the event there is a threat to their safety and wellbeing, Starside will be there to assist you. We respond to the threat, resolve the conflict and return the workplace to normalcy in a safe, practical and efficient manner. 

If your company has experienced a threat from a former employee or a current employee you must take action, the wisest action to take is to call Starside Security & Investigation and let our professionals assist you in securing your business.

Starside can be reached toll free at (888) 4 Starside or (909) 396-9999 or via email directly to Starside's COO Robert Coventry rcoventry@starside.com