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First and foremost, when choosing a private investigation company, Trust is the most important factor.  Investigators handle and intricately review problems that are closest to you, your family or your business; many times means the most vulnerable problems. Starside, and only Starside's, Professional Investigators will be the only ones handling your case. Many companies sub-contract work out to others and these investigators work on their own autonomy. At Starside Investigation, this is never part of our operation nor is it ever needed. Starside has a staff of Certified Fraud Examiners, Former Federal White Collar Crimes Investigators, CPA’s, Civil Engineers, investment experts, cyber security experts and corporate managers on staff to handle even the most complex civil and criminal cases.  

When choosing a Los Angeles private investigation company for your personal life and/or business, it cannot be understated on how important it is to review the stability and growth of that company. Starside Investigations was founded in the greater Los Angeles area over 20 years ago.  Our reason for growth is simple; a successful track record in our community and around the nation, as well as client referrals. Starside provides valuable results in an efficient manner and our clients large and small are consistently satisfied with our efforts. Our fields of expertise have also expanded with increasing demand. Our Los Angeles Investigation capabilities spread beyond the county for the needs of our private and public sector clients. Starside has offices from California all the way to New York, NY and Orlando, FL to ensure a high level of competency throughout the country.  Starside Investigations specializes in private and corporate matters both civilly and criminally. 
Please utilize the links below to further learn more about the Starside Difference regarding our areas of investigation.

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 Los Angeles Corporate Espionage- Workers' Compensation Fraud
 Los Angeles Workplace Violence Security Investigation
 Los Angeles Retail Security and Employee Theft Investigation
 Los Angeles Intellectual Property Theft Investigation
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